Here is part of a cool article about Japanese street fashion from my friend's blog:

Since there are really no surviving online pictures of pieces of what it is Baby and Angelic Pretty were selling in the 80's, there's a big black hole in the history of the Lolita fashion. The earliest we have hard proof that people were actually wearing such things are the earliest volumes of the Fruits magazine. If you are unfamiliar with Fruits, it is a magazine that began in 1997 of street snaps in the Harajuku district. Kera magazine, the publication that the Gothic & Lolita Bibles are a spin-off of, was first published in 1998, and if they have any pictures of Lolita brands that would be an awesome source of what Lolita brands were selling, not just what a select few were wearing, sadly I could not get my hands on any of those early Kera magazines.